Changing hair colour is as exciting and anticipated as the changing seasons. By the time one season is done, your hair can be tired or damaged. The changing seasons make the best reasons to switch a colour or style, or both!

Before you change colour or style though, think about your personality, skin type, tones and fashion preferences. It all comes into play when deciding on cuts and colour. When in doubt, ask your hair stylist! Since we are moving from summer into autumn, here are some helpful tips.

Summer Lightness

Summer hues include blond ombres and golden tones. Lighter hair in summer goes better with tans. Instead of changing your hair totally, why not try lighter highlights and tips?

Darkening Autumn

Autumn’s favourite hair colours are red and copper. Fall brings darker colour and rich shades. Match the hair colour you plan on using, with your skin tone. Make your hair colour a bit darker and warmer than the light summer colours. Using copper tones for redheads at this time is a popular choice for fall hair enhancements. For blondes, the colours of russet and sienna are good ideas to add warm tones or as highlights.

Dramatic Winter 

In the winter, warmth and colour need to be added to your hair. Golden tones work well. You want to keep contrast between your hair and skin. For winter, try to find a colour that won’t wash out your complexion. You don’t want to look too white or pasty. Often people want to go darker and dramatic, but they need to keep away from colours too dark for their skin tones.

Spring Freshness

Spring brings a time for fresh, bright colours and styles. Lighter colours for all hair colours. Blondes can go even lighter; brunettes can try honey and caramel colours, or even bronzes. Light brown highlights are good for producing a warmer, lighter tone.  If you are a redhead, don’t feel left out. Redheads can use copper hues as well.

Remember when you think about changing hair colour with the seasons, be brave enough to make changes, take risks and go for a bold new colour.

There are options for those who don’t want to change all of their hair to a new colour. Ask your hairstylist about baby highlights. Baby highlights for fall are a simple compromise. They add dimension without making too big of a change. Highlights that frame the face will also bring dimension and colour to otherwise plain hair. They can be very flattering, just as much as traditional highlights or a total colour change. Using the dark roots look is also an option; it is low-maintenance but still can add a touch of glamour when done correctly.

Have fun during the changing seasons. Hair change can become part of your hair care routine. If you have any questions or concerns, never be too shy to ask your trusty hair stylist. Stylists will have ideas and colour combinations you’ve never thought of.