If you are looking for protection against dryness, dullness and frizz in your hair, look no farther than deep conditioning with hair masks. They have rejuvenating qualities to help your hair regain moisture, heal and add dimension. The effects and benefits are immediate.

About Hair Masks

What is a hair mask? Simply put, hair masks are a beauty, conditioning treatment for hair. Masks are designed to soothe, heal, soften and give shine to your tresses. These popular hair products are used for deep conditioning, even more than our regular conditioners. Hair masks can be used for all ages and hair types. You just need to pick the right one for you. They won’t alter the chemical balance of your hair. Designed to deeply condition and protect the outer cuticle of the hair, masks help close the cuticle to get rid of frizz and dryness. By doing this, masks create shine and manageability.
Hair masks should be used once a week, whether your hair is healthy or not. The elements can be hard on your hair year-round and you need to maintain you hair’s moisture.

How to Use Hair Masks

Hair masks are easy to use. Buy the mask you want, read the label and follow the instructions. Take some of the mask on your fingers and spread through your hair. Use hair masks before you use shampoo and conditioner. Yes, you still use shampoo and conditioner when you use your hair mask. You still need to clean your hair and condition it. Only apply a little amount to our hair, too much will leave it greasy after the rinse. Caring For Curly Hair
Comb the hair mask through your hair using a wide-tooth comb, making sure the mask is spread all over your hair. Let it sit for the required time before rinsing out. Since the ends of your hair are usually the driest, and easiest to break, make sure the hair mask is applied to this area. Each mask has it’s own optimum time to leave on your hair. Look at the directions so you know how long to leave the mask on.
Masks can be applied to dry hair. Let the mask soak into the dry hair for about 20 minutes before you shower. If your hair is really dry, you can sleep with a hair mask in. Simply wrap your hair in a scarf or shower cap and wash it out in the morning.

What Do You Want In Your Mask?

There is a mask for every type of hair. Read labels to make sure you get the right hair mask for your type of hair. Some are to be used daily, while others are heavier and only need to be used weekly. There are masks that only need a minute or two to sit, and others need 15 minutes or more. It all depends on your hair type and its needs.
If you have any of the following issues, look for masks that contain the listed items.

Dry or lifeless hair: look for masks with olive oil, honey, coconut oil or avocado.
Split Ends: something with proteins to help the hair shafts would be a good choice. Olive oil has been suggested.
Dandruff: Use masks with coconut, olive oil, jojoba or avocado.
Fine Hair: Use those masks with egg, oils or banana.

Hair masks are relaxing and fun to do with friends, at home or at a salon. Take some time for yourself and your hair, and enjoy a deep conditioning hair mask.