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Caring for Stressed Hair

Can hair get stressed? Most certainly it can, and stressed hair is damaged hair. It’s hair that has become fragile, brittle and faded. Ends that are split, are a good sign your hair has suffered some damage and needs some...
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Fall Hair Care

The leaves will soon be changing, and that means your hair care should be changing as well. Fall hair care tends to be a little easier than your summer routine, but hair still needs a good amount of attention.  Some...
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Caring for Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, you’re probably used to the unfortunate feeling of it never seeming like it’s truly clean. You also probably end up washing it daily, contributing to the problem. Sound familiar? In addition to all the time...
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Bring on the Sun!

Now that the sun is out and the temperatures are rising, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. We know how to protect our skin from the sun, but how many of us know how to protect our hair? Moisture is...
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