According to several celebrity stylists, these are four trends in haircuts and styles to look for in 2016:

2016 Hair Trends to Try Texturized bob

Texturized bob. Bobs were all the rage in 2014 and they are coming back with a slight change. We will see many bobs with a slight wave or bounce instead of the bob’s usual poker straight style. This cut requires little maintenance other than some mousse or texturizing spray in the morning.

Grey hair. Yes, really. Thought going grey was a nightmare? Think again. This trend has been growing since 2015 with young people sporting shiny grey and silver locks and the results are beautiful.

2016 Hair Trends to Try Statement bangs

Statement bangs. While off to the side fringe will always be in style, big, bold bangs are being requested more and more. Heavy bangs can completely change up your look and mask a long or rectangular face. Talk to one of our stylists to find out which type of bang will work best for you.

Braids. Not just for kids anymore. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Selma Hayek have recently been photographed sporting braided hair. This is a style that will likely stick around as it can be great for a casual weekday or dressed up for a special evening. Our stylists can provide clients with more complicated braids, such as French braiding or fishtails.