Whether you are balding or want to try something new, don’t avoid shaving your head. You may be glad that you take the leap.

Being bald doesn’t have to be embarrassing. Be confident and own it! For many, it gives a very distinct look, enhancing your features just like any other haircut. It looks cool and is low maintenance.

First Time? Hit the Salon     

Going to a salon for the first shave is a good idea. You’ll save yourself time and perhaps a bit of blood by having a stylist does the shave. If you come with a full head of hair, it will be trimmed off to make the shaving easier. Many salons will use a variation of a hot towel shave. This is a technique using hot towels to soften hair and skin, creating a close and clean shave. Usually used on the face, it can also be used on your head. This type of shave is closer than a shave with a store bought razor.

Hot towels shaves also aid in the prevention of the horrible discomfort of razor burn and redness. It removes in-grown hairs and razor bumps as well.

Ask your stylist if you have any questions or concerns before and after the shave. There is nothing like experience to provide the best advice.

If you decide to maintain the shave on your own, the simplest way is to trim any hair as low as you can. Make sure you shave at the end of your shower, so everything is wet and warm. Use quality shaving cream or oil and work it in well. Then shave, doing the thinner or lighter areas first, and coarser areas last.

Shaved Head Care

Oils and dirt can still build up on the scalp, so continue your routine of washing AND conditioning your head. Just a dab of shampoo and conditioner will work well. This will prevent flaking and drying of the skin. Avoid using every day soap or body wash as they tend to dry the scalp.

You need to protect your head from the sun. Hair actually acts as sun protection, and now that it’s gone, you need some sort of cover or skin protection. Put moisturizer and sunblock all over your head. Wear a hat or some type of head covering.


Always use moisturizer after you shave your head. Make sure it is light and oil-free. Wipe off any excess oil. Don’t forget sunblock, no matter the season and even if you are just going outside for a few minutes. Winter air tends to be very drying. There are moisturizers available that have UV protection.

Drink plenty of water, it sounds silly and simple, but it does help keep your skin hydrated.

You may have to shave your head often, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows. It’s also personal preference, how sensitive you are and how much work you are willing to put into it. You will need a good quality razor and shaving cream. Everyone has a few favourites, but use what works well for you. There are specific head-shaving razors available.