Have you ever wondered what salons do to prepare for the Christmas season (or really, any holiday?)  Here are just a few things salons and stylists do to make your festive season more enjoyable.

Staff prepare themselves, either on their own or by their managers, for the higher-than-usual volume of clients. Communication, patience and adaptability are just some of the keys to success during such a busy season. The salon adjusts stylists’ schedules to further assist clients’ needs when needed.

Gift certificates are popular and are always customized for the upcoming holiday. Customizing is important, because seasonal designs are themes are more attractive to customers.  Besides certificates, there are often promotions and specials during holidays. A good salon will work hard to balance promotions and specials throughout the season, so customers are inundated with all these good ideas at once. It’s better for the salon, and the consumer, to have time to process what is being offered. Everyone wants to get or give the perfect gift!

Your stylist may ask for your phone number. When booking by phone, the salon will want to make sure it has some contact information, and to be able to confirm appointments. At Haircutie, phone numbers link the customer to previous appointments an information like what colours were applied to your hair previously. The salon can keep you in the loop for changes of holiday schedules, hours and promotions. Many salons have social media venues which create other entertaining ways to enjoy the salon and the season while keeping in touch with your stylist. You may notice your salon’s website has a festive flair. Don’t be fooled, all these little holiday changes take time, love and effort.

Salons tend to decorate in ways to be entertaining, but also safe for all. Watch for your salon’s products ad services during charity events during the holiday season. Christmas brings many opportunities for salons to give out gift certificates. This is a perfect chance for family members to get as spoiled as you do when you visit your stylist. Gift certificates are also a perfect idea for trying a new service one would usually not get.

What can you do as a client during a hectic, Christmas season? There are a few simple tips to be the best holiday client. First, plan when you need your hair appointment, know what you want and book early! Keep your expectations realistic, and be honest with yourself and your stylist. Try to be clear with instructions. If you need to make more than one trip to the salon, make the appointments all at once.

Since this very busy time of year, and you know everyone wants their chance in the stylist’s chair, do your best to keep your appointment. Also, have clean hair. You don’t have to come to the salon with your hair freshly washed, just come with hair that isn’t full of product. Remember to have some patience and an open mind. Your stylist and salon want everyone to be happy with their cut and have a great holiday. No one would want the stylist to be rushed while doing his or her hair.

As you can imagine, preparation is the most important aspect of the season. You can count on your salon and stylist to be ready to give you a wonderful experience this Christmas.