If you have oily hair, you’re probably used to the unfortunate feeling of it never seeming like it’s truly clean. You also probably end up washing it daily, contributing to the problem.

Sound familiar?

In addition to all the time you’ll save every morning, washing your hair daily is not recommended for most types of hair – but especially if yours is oily. Washing daily actually causes your scalp to dry out quicker than it would otherwise, triggering your body to produce more oil After a week or two of washing every 2-3 days, you’ll notice a slower production of oil on your scalp.

Other positive outcomes from not shampooing everyday: less heat styling, more time saved. Win-win!

Despite all the positives of not shampooing daily, it can be a hard habit to break. Read on for tips to make the transition from daily shampooing to 2-3x weekly shampooing easier.

Breaking the cycle of washing your hair daily

1. When you do wash your oily hair, wash it properly

Most people give their scalps a good massage during washing, really getting in there and stimulating the scalp. While many of us would agree this is the best part of a salon visit, this practice encourages the sebum glands in the scalp to produce more oil – not ideal if your hair is super oily.

To combat this, use the open palm technique when washing. Keeping your hands flat, use your palms to rub shampoo onto your hair and through the tresses. This prevents the stimulation of oil gland on the scalp, and is just as effective during washing. Just be sure to rinse hair thoroughly.

2. Learn to style oily hair

Some style treatments and routines work better on some hair types than others. Oily hair requires less product than the container may suggest, so less is more here. In addition, never place product directly onto the scalp. Instead, focus on the middle portion of the hair and the ends. This will discourage oil production and be especially helpful during the transition from daily shampooing.

3. Use conditioner properly

No matter what type of hair you have, conditioner works best if only applied to the middle and ends of your hair. Your hair is oily as it is, you don’t need any more moisture on your scalp! Rub a generous amount of conditioner through your hair, avoiding the scalp and focusing mostly on the ends. This will encourage healthy, shiny hair throughout – without the added oil.