Can hair get stressed? Most certainly it can, and stressed hair is damaged hair. It’s hair that has become fragile, brittle and faded. Ends that are split, are a good sign your hair has suffered some damage and needs some love and care. Once damaged, hair can’t heal itself, but it can be treated and softened through hydration. With the right attention, eventually, you will have healthy, fresh locks. Here are some ideas to help revive stressed hair.

Having a regular trim does wonders to damaged hair. Trimming will give your hair body, give it shape, and make hair have a fresh, new look. If you were ever thinking of a new style, this may be the time to change. Simple layers may be the only thing needed to revive your tresses.

If you are one to use heating utensils, you may want to think about leaving the flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer alone for awhile. Towel dry (gently) or air dry your hair. When you wash, use a mild and restorative shampoo. As always, don’t forget to use conditioner. If you need to blow-dry, use the coolest and gentlest setting. A leave-in conditioner will help as well. Use sulfate-free products, and look for products with more natural oils. Keep shampooing to a couple times a week. Washing too often will strip any oils from your hair. Detangling spray, leave-in fortifying spray, oils, mousse, pomade, can all be used to help give life to stressed hair. Avoid any products containing alcohol, though. There are hair masks specially made for treating stressed, damaged hair. Many of these masks have shea butter, proteins, olive oil, avocado and keratin ingredients. Leave the product on for up to five minutes before rinsing.

Give your hair a break from any chemicals or hair colour until the damage has grown out. Colouring is a chemical process, and your hair will need a break from any such treatments that can be harsh. If you need that new colour, speak to your stylist about alternatives.

Besides chemicals, you need to protect your hair from the elements. Keep your hair covered, whether it is in a swim cap, hat, scarf or towel. Protect your hair from the sun, wind and extreme temperatures. Just like taking care of our skin, we need to take care of our hair too.

Remember to be as healthy as possible. Eat well and take care of yourself. By being healthy, you will naturally grow healthy hair. You give your hair the best chance to come back from any damage it has suffered. Hair is affected by what we eat, so chose wisely.  Vegetables, fish, fruit, and flaxseed are just a few examples of healthy diet choices. These foods have Omega 3 fatty acids, ideal for healthy hair.

Remember damaged hair will take time to recover. Have patience while your hair grows and rebuilds. With our busy lives it is easy to forget to let things slide, but remember even your hair deserves spa days.