Thinking about increasing your manly facial hair presence? It can change your style to create a professional, dignified look.

Health Matters

The first step is to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. The better your health, the better the hair you grow. Eat food high in protein. This means vegetables! You should also engage in regular exercise. If your busy lifestyle makes it hard for you to eat well, take a multivitamin, fish oil or biotin supplement.  Each of those will encourage a “healthy” beard growth. Try to minimize any smoking and stress levels.


Only shampoo your beard once or twice a week. You don’t want to strip your beard of its natural oils. Those oils keep the beard moisturized and healthy. Always use a conditioner, just like on your regular hair. There are products of beard wash and conditioners available.

Apply beard oil to your face after you shower for best results. Your pores will be relaxed and open from the warmth. Beard oil is a type of leave-in conditioner that prevents dandruff while leaving the beard shiny and soft.


Get regular beard trims, or do regular trims yourself. Trims will get rid of any roughness, split-ends and the odd, fast-growing hair. Find a handmade or saw-cut comb to groom your beard. Those types of combs create very little, if any, static.

If you just have a moustache, care for it the same way as you do your beard. Moustaches need regular cleaning, and that can be done with your normal facial cleanser. Odours can build up in your moustache from daily food and dirt, so keep it clean.

If you have any dry skin under your facial hair, or have ingrown hairs, try using a facial scrub once a week.


Stay away from excessive blow drying, over-brushing and playing with your beard all the time. Many men admit they find it hard to keep their hands out of their beards. Find something else to fiddle with and save your beard. The fiddling, itself, will often cause damage.

Avoid nylon brushes. Use boar-hair brushes if you want to use a brush on your beard. It will move the natural oils around without stripping the beard. If you need something to tame your beard, try using a product called beard balm, or a type of fiber. Those products will help you styles your beard into what you want.


Get a good beard trimmer and a set of manicure scissors. Have a beard and moustache hydrator to keep the skin under the moustache and beard soft and nourished. Find yourself a quality moustache comb to keep the hair tidy.  You can shape your facial hair with your choice of wax; it will also help keep any crazy hairs in line as you set your style.

With the above tips, you are well on your way to beginning your facial hair experience. The only difficult choice you will have to struggle over is which style you want to try first.