Choosing a Salon

“You get what you pay for.” This saying is true, especially when it comes to hair salons. When looking for a new salon, there are a few things to keep in mind so you get quality you can afford. Choose a salon based on the services and atmosphere it provides, not on price. Although price should be part of the criteria, so should quality and service. If you find a salon with unbelievable cheap prices, think twice. Because of the cost of leases, overhead, education, employees and products, cheap prices usually mean corners are being cut somewhere. Here are a few tips and ideas to guide you on your search for a salon.

A Few Good Tips

An easy tip is to get referrals from friends, family and those who just gush about their hair, stylists and salons. It’s also easy to check out a salon’s social media, website or online presence. You will see what is offered, photos and comments (both good and bad.) See how much care they put into their pages.
Take a trip to your potential salon, a visit in person always reveals more than an email. Shake hands, make introductions and look around. Meeting the stylists will help you get a feel for which one you may request to cut your hair.

Silly as it sounds, the front desk plays a big role in the atmosphere and flow of a salon. The way you are greeted and treated as soon as you step in, sets the tone of your experience in a salon.

A Simple Checklist for your Salon Visit

  1. testimonials of past clients
  2. photos of past work
  3. what type of training do the stylists have
  4. will stylists spend time with you before the appointment

Does the salon make sure all your needs are met, make you feel welcome.

Consultations are a great way to see not only the care and talent of the stylists, but also the flow of the salon. Take note of how everyone works together. The atmosphere should be pleasing to you. It may take a visit or two to help you get a real feel of the salon. A visit will also help see how the salon, itself, is taken care of. Who wants to walk through someone else’s hair to sit down, or sit in a grimy chair? Great communication is part of a great salon.

A Few Reminders for your Salon Search

Choose a salon you can afford. Once you find a salon you love, you’ll want to be able to continue going there. Look for a salon that offers everything you want. If you just want your hair done, look for a salon that just does hair. Some salons have more than just haircuts and shampoo. If you are into getting manicures or pedicures, don’t look at salons that offer anything less.

You will want a salon that knows a variety of products and know how and when to use them. Find out if the stylists ever go to hair shows, increase their education or experience somehow. Salons that like to stay updated will be able to offer the best advice.

Each salon is different, with different stylists, different atmosphere, tastes and techniques. You will find a place that suits you and your own vision of style. Sometimes you simply walk into a salon and know, “this” is the one. Choosing the right salon for you can be a challenge, but take your time and enjoy the process. It’s almost like buying a home. It is a long-term commitment that you and your hair will enjoy for years to come.