The right stylist can make or break your day, or your hair. Not only do you count on your stylist to cut your hair, you look to a hairstylist for advice on hair care, new trends and which style would suit you best.
How do you know if the person with the scissors is the one for your tresses? Here are some tips and pointers to help guide you on your search for “the one.”

Some Helpful Stylist-Search Pointers

  1. Ask for Referrals: Look at reviews, ask friends, question those who have the cut you want. If people are in love with their hair, they will tell you all you need to know and more. Word of mouth is still the best way to find great stylists.
  2. Top Three: Narrow down your possible stylists to three choices. Arrange for three consultations. These usually last around 15 minutes and are usually free. You can bring in photos of the styles you are interested in, or ask the stylist for opinions. The salon will have photos or books as well. After the consultations, you can review your experience and feelings and make a choice.
  3. Actions Speak Loudly: Note how the stylist acts with you, does he/she make eye contact? Are questions asked and answers given? Does the stylist listen to you, even turn to face you if you don’t like speaking through the mirror. Communication is key to satisfaction when it comes to having a great stylist.
  4. Follow-ups: After your first cut with a new stylist, give your hair time to settle and see how the style is going for you. Schedule a follow-up cut, but ask for a few extra minutes ahead of the appointment to speak with the stylist. Here you can discuss how the style is going, ask for more styling tips and discuss what you do and do not like about the cut.
  5. Personalities: Remember different personalities don’t always work well together. If you aren’t gelling with a stylist, be honest with yourself and the stylist. Sometimes in these situations, the stylist will recommend a colleague. Tastes also change over time, and you need to know it’s ok to move on.

Tips for When You Start Your Stylist Search

Tips for When You Start Your Stylist Search

Be Open and Honest: Let the stylist know what you want. Explain your lifestyle, activities, tastes and even your job if it affects your hair. There may be some cuts that just won’t work with your hair type. This openness will also tell the stylist what kind of hair care routine will work for you. Communication is key, as a stylist-client experience is like any other relationship.

Be Realistic: Know your hair and don’t expect a stylist to work miracles. They are human too. Remember how much time you honestly spend on your hair, and how much time your wanted style will take. Try to find a stylist who is experienced and willing to work with your hair, but understands the limits. Stylists can cut hair to suit a lifestyle, but it has to be the one you are actually living.

Check out the Salon: Visit the “home” of your potential stylist. Is everyone helpful? Are they team players? See if your needs are met and questions answered when you arrive. Most of all, does your stylist make time for you and actually listen to what you say. No one likes a stylist who chats with the neighbour while cutting your hair. Your stylist should make you feel welcome and relaxed, even in a bustling salon.

Choosing a new stylist can be daunting. Look for one who is passionate about the service they give, has positive energy and happy to see you. Take your time, do your research. You will find the right stylist and your hair will thank you. Here’s to a happy hair relationship.