The leaves will soon be changing, and that means your hair care should be changing as well. Fall hair care tends to be a little easier than your summer routine, but hair still needs a good amount of attention.  Some parts of the old routine will stay the same, and others will change for the new season. You will have to update your hair care routine, as well as your colour if you choose.  Here are a few pointers for hair care during this exciting change of the season.

Continue to Moisturize

Remember, your hair will still need to retain moisture. If you have ever experienced that cold-weather dry skin, know that the same thing happens to your hair.

Adding a hair mask or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can help. Jojoba oil and buriti are known to keep moisture in the hair. Try to use products that have natural ingredients. These products are less likely to strip moisture from your hair. Avoid any alcohol or synthetic-based products.

Deep condition your hair during the fall.  Hot oil and natural oil treatments work to restore the much-needed moisture and elasticity to tired, summer-worn hair. Deep condition at least once a week. It will also help prevent frizzy hair.

Get Rid of Build-Up

Speaking of shampoos, some hair specialists suggest a clarifying shampoo at the beginning of fall. Products that have sunscreens can cause build-up on hair, as well as sand and other summer products. Leave-in conditioners and salt-sprays can also create various levels of build-up.

A clarifying shampoo acts like a detox on your hair. Keep in mind however, if you colour your hair, clarifying shampoo can strip some of the colour away. Make sure the clarifying products are of good, or salon-quality.

Deep condition your hair with a good masque after a clarifying shampoo.

Volumize and Colour

Once there is less humidity, your hair may tend to be flat. You can use a volumizer to help keep body in your hair and give a little boost to your hair’s roots.

Fall always welcomes darker shades and says goodbye to summer ‘s light highlights. If you don’t want to wait for your highlights to fade, simply go to your salon for some hair colour that is one to two shades darker. It keeps your colour even and helps the transition from summer to autumn happen easier. Caramel and golden hues are fall favourites, and can help add some glow to your complexion.

Hair Cuts Rule

Continue with regular trims and haircuts throughout the autumn months. Regular upkeep is a healthy and easy way to keep split ends at bay. If you are trying to grow your hair during the cooler months, you can always talk to your stylist about dusting. Dusting is a technique that only trims the very tips of the hair, but still gives you that fresh-cut, salon look. It doesn’t take off a lot of length, but gets rid of the rough edges.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to keep your autumn hair happy and healthy, look no further to your hair stylist.