There is something entrancing about smooth, shining, straight hair. When cared for correctly, this type of hair can be the icing on your trademark look. If you have been graced with such gorgeous, straight hair, you also will have experienced how lifeless, dull, and limp it can get when in need of love. Here are some ideas to add some life and body to straight hair.

The first tip is the easiest. Keep your hair clean. Curly hair tends to be a bit dryer by nature, so doesn’t need the same amount of washes straight hair requires. If straight hair gets dirty, sweaty or oily, you can bet it’s going to go limp and look dull. So, wash your hair as often as you need without overdoing the shampoo. Remember to condition often as well, but lay off doing the roots every wash. Conditioner will smooth out the hair, but it can also weigh it down. Use only what you need, and look for a conditioner to suit your hair type.

Choosing the right shampoo can make a noticeable difference to your hair. Some shampoos can make straight hair look flat, limp and weighed down. Look for a volumizing shampoo. The same goes for conditioner, pick something to help with volume but still lightweight.

Drying your hair correctly is also a way to give straight hair some life and body. Using too much heat will cause your hair to become flat. Towel drying is effective and gentle. When you do use a hair dryer, put it on the coolest setting, such as warm or cool. Your hair will thank you. When you blow-dry your hair at home, try drying it with your head upside down. You can reach the roots easier, and by blowing the hair at different angles, you create body.

Looking for a fun and simple way to add some body and volume? Try your hand at different braids. By leaving the braids in overnight, or putting in when wet and taking out when dry, you create instant body. Be aware, however, if you brush your hair after taking the braids out, you can create frizzy, fuzzy hair. It’s unlikely you want that result. It is recommended to finger-comb your hair if you want to try this method.

It may surprise you to know using a flat iron can also add volume. Wash and dry your hair, then start using the flatiron right at the roots for more lift.

One more idea, or tip, for the straight-haired, is to keep any use of products to a minimum. If you load your hair with all the newest, and coolest, product trends, residue will build up and weigh down your hair. (If you require product, keep the first tip in mind.) A light texturizing spray can help from time to time, however, just remember to use what is needed.

If you have any questions or need advice, your hair stylist is always handy to answer questions. Hair care is a passion of any stylist, so there are never silly questions.