So the sun is shining and the beach is calling! You grab your sunscreen and everything you need to protect your skin, but what about your hair? How can you keep your tresses in good condition while working on your tan?

Here are a few summer hair tips to help you keep your hair healthy while enjoying the sun.

Tips for Hair Protection

Protect your hair from heat, humidity and sun by covering your hair with a hat or some sort of scarf when you are outside. Head coverings protect your hair, as well as keep moisture where you need it. Head coverage reduces the effects wind can have on your hair, including tangling, protecting colour and drying out your hair.

Put your hair in loose updos when you are spending time outside. Doing this will protect the hair from the sun. If you put your hair up too tight, the hair can be damaged by the excessive pulling, causing tearing. It is common for hair to become dry in the summer when it is exposed to the elements for extended times.

Since hair tends to grow quickly in the summer, make sure you go for regular trims. This will keep your look fresh and neat by taking off any rough edges. You can keep any dry, brittle ends from becoming a big problem.

Tips for Dryness Prevention

Try to avoid washing your hair too often, as it can be very drying. Remember to always use conditioner. Sometimes, a simple rinse is all that you need.  As well as washing, try to limit the use of blow dryers and other styling utensils. With the heat of the summer, you don’t need to add even more heat to the mix.

Before hitting the beach or pool, make a habit of wetting your hair or putting in some leave-in conditioner. You hair will not absorb as much chlorine or saltwater this way.  After your time on the beach or in a pool, rinse your hair with water. You don’t need to wash it heavily with soap or shampoo, but rinse it well. Pool chemicals and saltwater draws moisture out of the hair, stripping it of all the natural oils that are so important for health. The dryer your hair gets, the more potential there is for frizz and other damage. Your hair motto for the summer should be “condition and moisturize.

Use conditioning products like hair masks, hot oil rinses and products with coconut oil, avocado, olive or argan oil. Find products with UV protection included or rub a tiny bit of sunblock on your hands and then rub them through your hair.

You can always ask your trusty stylist for extra tips concerning your personal style, hair type and cut. If you are going on a vacation, perhaps your stylist will have some ideas about how to care for your hair while you are away.

Enjoy your hair and enjoy the sun. There isn’t a single reason why you can’t enjoy both.