Taking care of ourselves while travelling always has unique challenges. Keeping our hair looking fresh and neat is one of the biggest feats, while on the road. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking its best with little hassle.

     Get your hair done shortly before you leave

This will give you some time off doing your own hair and take away some of the worry when you start your trip. You’ll have clean, styled hair for a while, then you can easily put it up into a pony tail when it looks like it needs volume.

What should you bring? Carrying full-sized items for hair care isn’t practical as most products take up a lot of room in your luggage, so invest in small, travel-sized products. You will be less likely to waste. Most stores will have a variety of product choices in this size (under 4 0z.) Remember to pack hair elastics, clips, head bands, and bobby pins. Place all the mentioned items in one small bag so they will be easy to find.

     Head coverage is essential

Bring hats, scarves, wraps, even wigs if you use them. Protecting your hair from extreme temperatures or elements is terribly important to hair health. You can still be stylish while wearing head coverings, think of it as another way to express yourself. Wearing a hat is also an easy way to hide hair that is in a little need of wash or attention (like a “just one more day” situation.)

     Bring a hair treatment on your trip

Hair masks are a great way to revive tired, dry hair, or just keep your hair moisturized and healthy. These masks usually come in smaller containers, so will be easy to pack. This product can be used as needed, commonly used about once a week. Leave-in conditioners are another good idea. They work well when you are in a dry location, or spend time in the ocean or pool. Dry shampoo is also another way of keeping hair looking fresh. It will absorb oil, add volume, and give you some more time between full washes.

     Be aware of your location

If you will be spending time on a beach, or by the ocean, bring some leave-in conditioner. You can spray this product in your hair before you hit the beach or pool. Afterwards, when you rinse out the salt water, or chlorine if you frequent the pool, spray some conditioner in your hair. If you are planning to be in a humid area, bring products that stop or prevent frizzy hair.  A dry location calls for moisturizing hair products. You can also look for products that have multiple uses. An example would be Argan or olive oil. This will cut down on products and time. Remember that air drying hair is natural and free!

     With a little planning, travelling and taking care of your hair should be enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Enjoy your trip, and let the worry of hair care take a vacation too.