Thinking of trying something new this year? Do you want to do something new with your hair? Take a look at 2016 trends and see if any appeal to you. This is a good time of year to pick your hair stylist’s brain for hair ideas.

Natural Is In

Natural is in, let you curls bounce or you can tame them with straighteners. You salon will have just the right products and advice. Natural ingredients and herbal shampoos are becoming the stuff to use. Herbal shampoo had the highest growth in popularity.

Hair Colour

Hair Trends of 2016 Hair Colour

If you are thinking about adding some colour, this is your year!
Add some highlights. Gold highlights look great on brunettes, while caramel tones work well with red hair.
Ombre hair made an appearance a couple years ago, but is really taking off now. It is a lovely multi-toned hair colour that is subtle and elegant and adds definition and depth. It works for all hair types and textures. If you are looking for a natural look, like being lightly kissed by the sun, this is a style to try.

Hair Cuts

If you’ve dreamed of long hair, but currently have a short cut, why wait for it to grow? 2016 is a year for extensions. They have become very affordable and many salons can cater to your extension needs. If you are in the opposite position and have long hair, perhaps cutting a few inches off will create a fresh look. You may even have enough to donate for wigs, a cause which can make a shorter cut worth it.

Hair Styles

Natural textures are very much in, along with hair accessories. Top knots are slowly going out while low buns are coming in. Bangs are making a comeback, even fake bangs. If you liked pig tails, you are in luck. 2016 is the year to bring back low pigtails. Thin, tight, functional braids are on the rise as 2016 starts to let go of the loose braid variations.

Hair Products

There is an ever-growing trend towards optimum hair health. Issues such as hair loss, including balding, is at the top of the list of concerns to address for hair health.
Natural ingredients are in high demand now. Many companies now have products with some sort of nature-inspired theme involving plant-based ingredients, peptides or amino acids. People are now looking for sulphate-free and other cleaners with mild surfactants or products derived from nature. Anything eco-friendly is a big thumbs up for 2016.
Deep conditioning hair masks and products with fatty acids are in demand this year. They both help with moisture, softness, manageability and shine. Argan and coconut oils are still trending as well.

If you see a colour, style or product that appeals to you and is trending right now, ask your stylist about it. A bit of experienced advice is very helpful when deciding if something will suit you. At a salon like Haircutie in Richmond Hill, you will get the friendly help you need from the talented stylists.