Caring for hair extensions is an everyday thing, just like caring for your own hair. It takes about the same effort too. After all, you want them to look great for as long as possible.

Try to find a hair salon or stylist that is experienced with extensions. A professional stylist will be able to tell you which shampoos and conditioners are best to use with your specific extensions, which brush to use and the proper care for your type extensions. Make regular visits to your stylist for the needed upkeep. Usually a visit is every five to seven weeks to help keep everything looking good and to solve any issues.


You should know the difference between human hair and synthetic hair extensions. Each type has its own system of care. Human hair can be treated just like the hair on your head. It can be dyed, curled, straightened and brushed. There are some types of synthetic extensions that can handle styling tools requiring heat. There seems to be a few rules for synthetic hair: you shouldn’t brush the synthetic hair too much and you shouldn’t dye synthetic extensions.

Brushing is just as important to extensions as it is to real hair. Do it often and do it right. Get the proper brush for the job, usually a soft bristle brush or looper brush will do. You can always ask your hair stylists for advice. The goal is to detangle without damaging the hair extensions. Just like when you brush your own hair, begin brushing at the ends, and work out any tangles before moving up the hair or to another section. Be patient and careful so you do not pull on the extensions.


When you wash your extensions, make sure to get rid of any tangles before shampooing. Wash the hair slowly and carefully. To begin, wet the extensions a little at a time. This will help prevent any tangles from forming during the cleaning. Shampoo and rinse in a downward motion. Leave-in conditioners work well and any conditioner should be used as part of your hair care regime. Keep in mind, you don’t need to use a lot, or you can over condition and make the hair limp or dull.

Let your extensions dry naturally. Heated styling utensils aren’t recommended for your extensions and letting them dry normally will help with tangles and creases. If you need to blow dry your hair, use the lowest setting on the bonds and nearby hair. Then style like you usually do.


Before storing your extensions, make sure the extensions are detangled and clean. The extensions should have a light conditioner applied before storing.

Gently place the hair in an appropriate-sized, airtight container.

By taking care of your extensions, you can make them last months looking great. The care seems simple enough, but it’s a daily part of your hair care regime and you need to be dedicated to doing it. Enjoy your extensions to the fullest by taking care of them every day.