You were once blonde, brunette or red. Then along came a kaleidoscope of different hues to add a splash of interest to your hair. Highlights of orange one day, a whole head of blue the next – anything is possible. And transforming your tresses is one of the easiest, most fun ways to change your appearance, and nearly as simple to change back.

The latest hair craze takes you to Oz. Somewhere over the rainbow is where you go when you want your hair to mesmerize. In reality, your local hairdresser can create this latest colourful hairstyle by layering different pieces of hair with different colours, to design the spectral extravaganza that’s taken the beauty scene by storm.  Brand new products on the market allow your hair stylist to dye your hair without it running or transferring to other strands. It literally locks in the colour. Remember the small bottles of coloured sand you had when you were a child? It’s the inspiration behind what is now called Sand Art Hair…only now it’s even cooler!

You can choose to go for either primary colours like turquoises, purples and hot pinks or a pastel pallet like peach, lilac and grey, but these multi-coloured manes are a spectral show whatever you decide. The more colours, the merrier and the best part…depending on where you part your hair, you’ll get a new look as a different mixture of crayola strands are revealed. Why not blend bold colours with more subtle hues for something truly unique? Your hair is a canvas and it’s up to you what picture you want to paint.

For those of you who can’t or don’t want to commit to being a rainbow-head just yet, underlights are perfect. You simply leave the top of your hair alone, but get gorgeously adventurous underneath. It’s almost like a little secret – wear your hair down and no one can see the bold and beautiful hues under your regular, more conservative colour hair, then when you want to reveal your inner (or under) beauty, wear your hair up (think half bun, side braid or clipped etc).

But this hair art doesn’t have to be permanent. With the extensive range of semi-permanent dyes around now, you could choose a certain style for the weekend and then colour it back for work on Monday morning.Locks of colour

Sand Art Hair can be achieved on most hair, but an emerging trend that works especially well on brunettes is ‘oil slick’. Think gasoline or oil in the rain – purples, pinks and greens. It’s a sister to rainbow hair but more iridescent, shimmering and illuminating.

Dying hair dates back to an ancient art where colours were created from plant pigments like henna, indigo, turmeric and amla. Ground up walnut shells, red ochre and leeks were also used. Then, altering your hair colour may have been to show rank or impart fear into enemies. Luckily, we just do it for fun now! Hundreds of years ago, you may have used a mixture of leeches and vinegar to turn your hair black. This concoction was fermented for a couple of months, then applied to your hair while you baked it on in the sun for hours. Originally you could only darken the hair, but methods to bleach were soon discovered, and experimenting with hair colour went from there…

Interested in adding a splash of colour to your life? Give us a call today and see how gorgeous we can make your hair.