Men are faced with the same amount of hair choices and countless products when it comes to hair styles and care as women. Believe it or not, manscaping as climbed in popularity in the past few years. Whether you have hair or not, hair care is an important part of every man’s daily routine. Don’t feel shy about taking time for your appearance, and don’t worry about asking questions about hair product. The right haircut and style gives you a sense of confidence.
Let’s take a look at some products and tips on the right hair colour, shampoos and conditioners with men in mind.

Men and Their Hair

The first step to good hair is a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Next, get yourself a proper haircut. Find the right hair stylist who can help you choose a cut that suits your face, lifestyle and personality. Once you get the right cut for you, your stylist will mention products to keep it looking fresh.

If you are suffering from hair loss (baldness) keep in mind oils and dirt can still build up on your scalp. You should still continue to wash and condition your head. Try to avoid soap or body wash on the head as it is very drying to the scalp. Protect your head from the elements. Hair actually protects your scalp, so when hair isn’t there, the sun can do a great job of burning. Use some sort of protection or cover such as sunscreen or hats. Like with the rest of the body, moisturize. This is especially true in winter. Apply moisturizer all over your head. Applying moisturizer is a great time for a scalp massage. Massages are great for stimulating blood flow, which in turn encourages hair growth.

For receding hair lines, the right hair cut is essential. As, your hair stylist for a men’s hair cut that keeps the centre hair straight to create a fuller look. The fringe can be shorter, and the sides should have some length. Once thinning is evident, don’t be afraid of trying the classic “buzz cut.” It can be a strong, masculine look when done correctly. Less product is more in the thinning situation. Using leave-in conditioner will help to add volume and thickness.

These issues can all be handled with a proper hair cut, correct grooming and often some colour. Go to a quality hair salon.

Choose the Right Styling Products

Do you already have a good cut, but don’t know what product to use? Here is a brief overview of some common products.

Pomades: used mostly for short or textured styles. It creates a sleek look.

Waxes: adds shine and control when used for short styles.

Gels: creates a strong hold, especially used for wet look styles.

Creams: very good to use for fly-away and frizzy hair, as well as for a more conservative style.

Muds or Fibers: if your cut is a longer style, these tend to work well. Also does great for a disheveled look.

Hairspray: comes with a variety of hold strengths. It helps with volume and control.

Hair Colour

Always use the healthiest hair colour you can find. Consult your stylist to choose the colour and brand of hair colour suits your hair and style the best.
The most common colour used is Blond, followed by brown and black. These colours are often used to cover gray. Don’t fret over gray hair! Gray hair, when groomed and cut correctly, is acutally an attractive, mature look. It is totally acceptable to colour sideburns, mustaches and beards.

About Shampoos and Conditioners


Men with normal type hair will often be fine with regular or normal shampoo. If you have an oily or dry scalp, your choices will be slightly different. Here are a few choices:

  1. Normal Hair Shampoo: doesn’t strip natural oils so it is pretty gentle. It works for most men.
  2. Oily Hair Shampoo: has special cleansers that remove the excess oil. It can dry the scalps of men with normal hair.
  3. Dry Scalp Shampoo: also called moisturizing shampoo. It adds moisture to both scalp and hair. It adds weight to normal hair.
  4. Volumizing Shampoo: thickens the hair with glycerin, adds volume and body.
  5. Dandruff Shampoo: created to stop itching and flaking. You should have dandruff to use this type of shampoo.
  6. Clarifying Shampoo: This type of shampoo removes buildup of soaps and other products.


  1. Moisturizers: for those with dry, curly or coarse hair. It retains moisture.
  2. Thickening: also called volumizing as this type of conditioner puts a layer of protein on the hair. It helps smooth and heal damaged hair.
  3. Leave-In Conditioner: Moisturizes like skin cream. Leave-in conditioner is very nourishing. Hair is often made softer and more manageable.

There is no need to bebe intimidated by the long shelves of products and shampoos, and it’s ok to be picky when choosing products for your hair. If you ever have question about what’s best for your hair, ask your hairstylist. A stylist has the experience and knowledge to make you look your best. Your choices are endless!