Have you ever heard the saying, “New Year, New You”? The turn of the calendar year tends to be the time of year many people want to reinvent themselves; whether by kickstarting a lifestyle change, finally getting financial affairs in order or by a change of appearance.

But you don’t need to make a drastic change to your image in order to refresh your look. The best place to start is your hair. Here are 8 ways to make a big difference in your appearance with minimal effort:

Part your hair on the opposite side

Some partings will flatter certain face shapes more than others, so first determine the shape of your face. Common shapes are round, square, oval and heart-shaped.

A middle part will elongate and thin out your face, so try this if you have long hair and a heart-shaped face.

Opt for a deep side part if you have a round or square-shaped face. A deep side part will balance and elongate your features and soften angles around the forehead and jawline.

People with oval-shaped faces can pretty much get away with any style, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a middle, side or even diagonal part!

Get a blowout 

Few things are more satisfying than a relaxing blowout by a professional stylist at your favourite salon.

Using a small amount of smoothing or anti-frizz hair serum in the palm of the hand, the stylist will gently run his or her fingers through your wet hair. A large, round brush is then used to blow dry the hair in small sections. The round brush creates volume and depth in the hair, leaving you with runway-worthy locks.

Shine serum

Serums seal the cuticle layer to deliver maximum shine for the sleekest of locks. Your hair stylist will apply a dab of shine serum and run it through your hair while styling if you ask. In addition to shine, other benefits of shine serum include heat protection, curl control and reduce flyaways and frizz. To recreate this look in between salon visits, pick up a vial of shine serum at your salon.

Add highlights

A few strategically placed highlights can make a world of a difference in your appearance. Face-framing highlights will brighten and frame your face. Highlights throughout your layers at mid-length will add dimension to what would normally be a dull or drab colour. To make a bigger statement, half- or full-head highlights are a common choice among women. Talk with your stylist about colour options that will flatter your face and go well with your base colour.

Go bold

A few streaks of bold colour is daring not as daring as colouring your full head but will really make a difference and “pop”. Go for a couple strands underneath the hair or on the sides to start.

Experiment with colour

Have you been colouring your hair the same shade of blonde for 2, 5 or even 10 years?

Book a free consultation at HAIRCUTie before booking your appointment. Sitting down with a professional hair stylist will not only put your mind at ease, but you will learn what colours and shades will best work with your skin tone and face shape.

You should also take your lifestyle into consideration. Drastically different hair colours will require root touch ups more often. A great way around this is choosing highlights, which tend to show root growth slower than a full head colour.

Long layers

Instead of opting for your usual go-to cut and style, add long, cascading layers to the mix. They will add volume and bounce, which will make you look like you just left the salon each and every morning.

Go out with a bang

Bangs are back, and they are a simple way to completely change your look. People with square faces will look best with long bangs that slightly taper on the sides. This will round out the face and soften the face frame.

Bangs are a bit of a commitment, though, and if you find they don’t work for you it takes time to grow out. But that doesn’t have to be a dread to do with all the different options you can do while they grow out, such as pinning them back, getting a fringe and adding layers to blend longer bangs into the rest of the hair. Rounder faces should opt for lighter, wispier bangs in order to avoid making the face even rounder. Side bangs work great on long or heart-shaped faces.