There is something mesmerizing about watching a hair stylist wield a razor when cutting hair. This technique can create a haircut or add some texture and softness to a style.  Razor cuts are a great way to create those delicate and wispy hairstyles. Razor cuts create angled-ends, adding movement and swing to the hair. You will actually feel the hair being cut, rather than hear the usual “snip, snip.”

Razor Cuts and Hair Types

Although popular, this type of cut suits some hair types and styles better than others. The cut does best with long and straight hair and styles, or those styles needing texture and smooth layers. Razor cuts also work well on moderately–wavy hair types.

Not everyone should have a razor cut. Caution should be used if you have wildly curly hair. It has been said those with curly, especially those tight curls, should avoid razor cuts as it can cause frizz and fly-aways. The same has been said for those with fine hair, but a razor cut is a good way to make thin hair have more body. However, with curly hair, you can still have the razor technique used. Simply use long layers and remember that razoring thins the hair, so you are going to be removing weight, which will release your curls. Use the razor with the natural curl

Only careful and experienced hairstylists should handle the razor for any hair type. Thick hair seems to have the best results with a razor cut. Long hair does well when this technique is used for added texture here and there, but not the whole cut.

Depending on the style, razor cutting can make styling easier, hold curls, and blow dry easier.


  • Make sure your stylist is experienced with using a razor. Professional stylists know that the motion of the razor plays a large role in the look of the cut. The razor is actually in motion before it touches the hair. This movement creates the smooth, soft look for many styles.
  • The razors used for this technique need to be kept sharp. Blades should be changed after every two or three haircuts. Hair can be damaged if a dull razor is used and styles can quickly lose shape without regular upkeep.
  • Razor cuts work best when the hair is wet. If done on dry hair, the razor will create rough and torn edges that can develop into split ends. Overall, the hair can look frizzy and damaged. This is why experience with using razors is terribly important. Get routine hair trims and use leave-in conditioner after washing.
  • This type of cut is good for those who are serious about getting regular haircuts, or have short hair. Razor cuts thin the edges of the hair so styling utensils and treatments that heat effect the hair faster. So, remember to use conditioner.

Are you still wondering if a razor cut is for you? Ask your hair salon or stylist for opinions and advice.