Love is in the air and so is gorgeous looking hair. But are there any particular styles that will add an extra ‘wow’ factor to Cupid’s favourite day?

As far as men and women are concerned, your crowning glory really matters. Many people say that hair is top on their list of what attracts them to another person, so why not discover which ‘looks’ are loved the most, and make this Valentine’s Day a very very good hair day!

Her styles:

Loose and Laid-Back

Forget over styled and go for the messy tousled style. If your hair says ‘fun’ other people will think you are too. Even if your ‘just threw this look together in five minutes’ hair took an hour to achieve, it says easy going, and according to research, guys find that attractive.

Waves to One Side

Swept over the shoulder, this style is a real winner in love. Perfectly revealing your neck and décolletage, you’ll look beautiful and casual at the same time. Think about making a red carpet entrance with hair as glamorous as any Hollywood star, and you might just walk away with your own Oscar (or Paul, Mike or Rob!)

Layers of Lovely

Frame your face with gorgeousness and win him over. It’s cute, sexy and works with nearly every type of hair. Layers give you a softness that more structured styles don’t, and give off a vibe of approachable and relaxed. Once cut, a pretty layered style is easy to maintain and suits many different face types.

Bang on Trend

According to research, men have fallen for the side-swept bang big time. Sexy and interesting, it hides just enough of you to tease him, but still looks youthful and sophisticated. If you don’t want to take the plunge with a cut, you can create fake bangs by parting and pinning the front section of your hair behind your ear, while the rest of your hair falls naturally.

His styles:

The Beard Craze

Beards are in! Even if the boom isn’t here to stay, women seem to adore beards for now. It says, ‘manly’. It says, ‘I’m so manly I don’t even have time to shave, I’m too busy being a man’. But in reality, chin hair needs a little looking after too. Washing and trimming will keep your beard, and you looking adorably masculine.Valentine’s Day ‘dos’ for men

Buzz Cut

No woman wants a man spending more time on his hair, than she does, which make the lowest of the low maintenance styles a winner. Shaving it super short keeps you looking and feeling cool. If there’s a handsome face under all that hair, ladies say they love seeing it.

Choppy Chop

It’s layered. It’s spikey. It’s messy. But it’s edgy and sexy too. Arrive on your date with this effortless- looking look and she’ll be suitably impressed. Works best with wavy thick hair, but once cut doesn’t need much work to look after.

Brush Up

For the man with slightly longer hair, this style is super cool. Short at the back, taller at the top, and quick and easy to achieve.  Add some hair putty or pomade to keep the height and every single hair in place.

Hot date or not, why not flirt with a new style this Valentine’s Day, and start having fun in your love-your-hair-life.