The change to the winter season brings change to many other areas of our lives, including hair care. Just as we take care of our tresses on our heads, we also need to keep beard and moustache care in mind. Facial hair gets exposed to the elements, so here are some tips to keeping it looking and feeling great.

  • All hairs break easier in Winter, and the reason is humidity is lower during this time, temperatures are below freezing, and winds are biting and frigid. All those reasons cause skin and hair to dry out and become brittle.
  • Hot water, although feels great at this time of year, can strip the much-needed natural oils from your hair and skin. Try to use warm or even cooler water on your face and body. If you do need that hot shower, keep your beard in the water for the least amount of time possible and towel dry it properly afterwards. Toweling your beard dry is a gentle way of drying without heat, but sometimes you need to be quick. Use cool or warm air (not hot) if you blow dry and brush with a wide tooth comb to straighten the beard. Follow this by using a smaller tooth comb to get out any tangles. Many men prefer to use a boar bristle brush to finish grooming their beard. Use slow strokes with gentle pressure, push the hair up, then brush straight back down. This is when you apply any beard oil. (Avoid putting beard oil in your moustache.) Once you apply oil to your beard, wax and shape your moustache to finish your look.
  • If you leave your beard wet, there is a chance any moisture will evaporate too quickly. You don’t need to wash your facial hair every day, but one to two times a week should be enough. There are specific beard washes available, and you can use them like shampoo. Conditioning, on the other hand, can be done at least three to four times a week in the winter.
  • Invest in the proper beard and moustache care tools. Beard oil can be used everyday, in every season.  Oil prevents many things, including itching, flaking skin and split ends. (Yes, beards and moustaches can get split ends!) Put beard oil in after the shower.  There are a few ways of applying the oil, you can always ask your barber which way he approves of most. Either way, you won’t need a lot of oil. One way is to make sure to brush it over the top of your beard during the day. You can also massage more oil into your beard and skin at night. Some men prefer to gently brush beard oil all the way through their beards as part of their daily care routine. Remember not to over comb your beard. Make sure the comb you use is sturdy. Wooden combs tend to be stronger and last longer.

Keep your facial hair trimmed and looking tidy. It will make you feel great!