Strong, healthy hair is a must for everyone in every season. We have all heard tips on winter hair care as Winter will cause havoc on the best of hair, but if you colour your tresses you may want to take some extra attention.  When you colour your hair, you actually have more to keep in mind than usual.

There are a few tips you can use to have healthy coloured hair in the winter

Keeping your natural hair in its best shape will only help your colour stay longer and healthier. Anything that changes your hair chemically tends to weaken your hair.  Coloured hair feels the elements more and is affected more, so yes, it is weaker compared to its strength in its natural state.

As mentioned before, dry, winter air can cause damage on any hair type, but doubly so on treated hair. There needs to be a balance between moisture and protein on your locks.  Moisture prevents dehydration, and protein keeps the hair smooth by filling in any rips, gaps or roughness in the strands, as well as sealing in moisture. Keep on top of conditioning! One plan is to alternate between conditioners with protein and those that moisturize.  If you have bleached hair, a protein conditioner is the way to go every time, instead of alternating. An easy way to care for bleached hair is to use a moisturizing shampoo and a protein conditioner.  Know your hair, if it feels dry – Moisturize! Deep condition throughout the cold months, or try using leave-in conditioners to avoid and prevent moisture loss.

Go to your stylist to have your colour done, and avoid doing it yourself. Stylists know their products and what is the best for your hair. During the season where your hair already faces the harshest elements, it’s better to let an experienced professional advise you on brands, colour and care. By handling your hair, your stylist will know what your hair needs, and how much time you have to care for your cut and colour.

Be aware of what products work best for your hair. There are masks specially designed for deep conditioning. They add strength as well as moisture. A daily conditioner or leave-in, is also recommended. Essential oils can be adding to create shine and smoothness. If you flat iron often, you may want to use some products with heat protection.

Choose the right dye so hair has the least amount of damage. Once coloured, wait a couple days before you shampoo after getting your hair coloured. By waiting, you let the colour set and any oils will add a layer of protection against fading. Keep your hair trimmed and tidy, as regular trims will remove any damaged ends.  Use colour-protecting products to further help your hair stay in top-condition and colour. Rinse with cooler, rather that hot, water. Although we love our hot showers, the temperature can cause moisture loss.

With these tips, your hair can have healthy,  beautiful, vibrant colours during the winter months.