The hair salon is a great place to relax and catch up on happenings in the community, but there are a few things to keep in mind so the experience is pleasant for all. Yes, there is such a thing as salon etiquette and it may help to know some of the unwritten rules just so you are polite. Here are a few you should easily remember.

Be Punctual

Try to arrive on time, and no later than 15 minutes past your appointment. Once you are past that time, there is no guarantee you will be served as soon as you come in. Calling the salon when you are running late is considerate and polite. It also gives your stylist the heads-up so they can rearrange clients if necessary.

Be Patient

Arriving early is great and appreciated by salon staff, but remember sometimes stylists get busy and fall behind. It is not cool to walk up to your stylist’s char and ask how much longer they will be or tell them how long you’ve been there. If the stylist is really behind, speak (nicely) to the manager who can handle the situation appropriately and immediately.

Do Research

Know costs and rates for what you want done before you show up for your hair appointment. It is also a good idea to find out what types of payment the salon accepts, as no one likes those awkward surprises at the register. If the final cost is unexpectedly more, politely ask to speak to the manager. It also saves time when you have the amount or an accepted payment method ready, allowing the flow of the salon to move along smoothly.

The Relationship

The client-stylist relationship can be very close. The relationship should be based on good communication, just like any relationship. Both parties need to be respectful and avoid being demeaning at any time.  It’s easy to get along when all is good and the cut is fine, but sometimes things won’t go as planned. Keep communication open and if preferences change (and they often will) let your stylist know. This goes from stylists you’ve had for years, to those stylists you get once in a while. Always give honest feedback, and if you don’t like something speak up right away. It is better to discuss a bad hair cut right away with the stylist or manager, so something can be done about it immediately. You may even decide with the stylist or manager to have it fixed at a future date.

Pleasant Conversation

Although you may feel like talking about your neighbour’s sunbathing habits, both you and your stylist should keep the conversation professional, light and pleasant. This makes it easier to bring up any hair issues, and prevents any gossip about the salon from creeping up.  You are there to get a great cut and enjoy your time.

As you can see, the simple salon etiquette guidelines are easy to understand and follow.  No one is going to kick you out if you forget or slip up, so don’t worry. It is all about being polite and pleasant while getting a haircut.