Static can cause chaos at anytime, any where and in any season. Winter, however, seems to turn up the “Cling,” and makes going to any holiday party a potential disaster. Winter is a cold and dry season, lacking the moisture previous seasons had, so is the perfect setting for static electricity to develop. How can we combat this clingy foe when dealing with our hair? Here are some easy tips to control the amount of static electricity affecting our hair this season.

There are two well-known ways of fighting static cling (electricity): Tools and Products

  1. Squeeze your hair dry, don’t rub. A simple tip to begin, but often either ignored or unknown. After showering or washing your hair, take a clean towel and squeeze your hair dry. Try not to rub, as vigorous rubbing only encourages static to form. There are microfibre towels available, and are a good investment as they are known to cut down on hair damage and static electricity.
  2. Use the correct Shampoo and Conditioner for your Hair. For most people, a moisturizing shampoo will keep hair hydrated enough during the cold months. Try not to shampoo every day if possible, let the natural oils do their job. Use conditioner regularly, and remember you can always use conditioner even when you don’t shampoo. Look for a conditioner that is not silicone-based, like any Argan or olive oil-based product.  Once a week, deep condition your hair with a mask or oil. Keep in mind, sometimes you can use so much product, or the wrong kind of product, in your hair, that moisture can’t get through. This will allow static to build. Use as little product as possible this winter.
  3. The Type of Brush Matters. Try to avoid plastic combs if possible. Metal, rubber or wooden combs are affordable and are an appropriate option. Find a brush with natural bristles, although they carry a larger price tag, they prevent static by spreading the natural oils throughout your hair evenly. Some ideas are also using a bit of water or hair spray on your brush, and brushing it through your hair.
  4. Blow Dry with an Ionic Blow-Dryer. This type of blow-dryer neutralizes the ions in your hair to get ride of static. It is also designed to break down any water in your hair instead of evaporating. As you can imagine, this would reduce any stripping of moisture from your hair, reducing damage and need for prolonged heat exposure.
  5. Use those Handy, Dandy, Dryer Sheets. Yes, that’s right. Something so small and simple can help fight against frizzy hair. Dryer sheets are cheap, fit into a wallet or purse, and smell good! To use, simply take a sheet and run it gently over your hair brush, hair or whatever has static.

If you want some serious advice, your hair stylist will have ideas and suggestions as well. A stylist will know what will work best with your hair and style.  There is no need to dread the cold months because your hair clings to your face. Rock your style with static-free confidence this winter!