Often, working in an office means early mornings and long hours. When you sleep in because you hit the snooze button too many times, you don’t always have time to do your best hair style before rushing out the door. There are a few things you can do to keep your hair looking fresh while you are at work.

Products to keep handy at the Office

The first item to have is your every day hairbrush. It may seem obvious but a hairbrush is essential to keeping hair looking it’s best. You don’t need to buy a full-sized brush, but it needs to suit your type of hair. Small, travelling size brushes work well, and can be put in your purse, or desk drawer for easy access. If you want something special, Ionic brushes are ideal for controlling static, but you can always buy anti-static spray. The spray can also be put on your clothes, hair or brushes.

Anti-frizz serums are available in most stores, and are designed to keep frizzy hair under control and fresh while you work. Find one that is protein-enriched, and brush it throughout your hair. What if your hair is looking flat? Mousse can be used to volumize, lift, boost or define your hair. Most types of hair products can be purchased in travel size so it can be easy to carry, use and store at the office. Hairspray can be used to add shine to your hairstyle through the day. Lightly spritz your hair when needed, lightly is the key word. Too much will matt your hair and make it look dull. Dry shampoo is perfect for giving your scalp a break from daily washing. It comes in handy if you get called to a sudden meeting or need to freshen your look as it will absorb any extra oils on your scalp. Dry shampoo can add volume and even shine to tired hair.

What can you do if your hair needs a quick change while at work?

If you forgot about that upcoming meeting and your hair is less then stellar, here are two simple styles those with long hair can put together while at the office, using only bobby pins.

If you would rather have your hair down, but still out of your face, simply use a deep part and some bobby pins. Pin the extra, wispy hair and back to work you go! You can also do an easy, twisted side-bun. Just take your hair and twist it around your fingers. Curl the twisted hair into a spiral and pin to secure. It is a simple, classy look.

Items you may want to keep in a little bag in your purse or drawer are personal choices but for any length of hair, include the following: Hair elastics, clips, bobby pins and hair bands. Keep a comb or brush handy.  These items are always helpful in creating a fresh look, and are easy to carry around or store.

We should all enjoy our time at work, and shouldn’t worry about our hair. These little tips will help you be ready for any type of hair day at work!